Does my partner know me?

Have you ever been with someone or dated someone for a long time and no matter how long the relationship/situationship has been you still mange to not know the person you are dealing with.

You don't know what they like to eat, what size they wear, what they are allergic to, what their childhood was like, what their credit score is, what their dating history was or even what they like during sex.

You are just oblivious to these things because (a) you can only think about yourself and the things that matter to you or (b) you ignore these things because they do not affect you or (c) you just don't even realize that your are selfish.

Now I am not judging....ok...everyone has been there, HOWEVER this is something that we have all done when we are young, like 15-22, I mean you don't have bills (depending on your socioeconomic background) you are free from real responsibility and are figuring yourself out then you like all of us has been there. Now if you are a man/woman who live freely and doesn't care about "getting to know someone" outside of the bedroom then right on! be free... 


If you are grown and want to grow out of this phase but do not know to try or where to start, then you are in the right place and this can all be rectified and can totally be fixed with a simple card game called GET TO KNOW ME :) 

Get to know me redefines getting to know someone by asking the questions that most people are afraid to ask, this card helps people step out of their comfort zone and become bold and brave in a fun and loving way.

There are two ways to play!

1st way to play is you get a deck of cards, separate  the Nice from the Naughty and each player picks a card and ask the alternate player for the answer, if the player 2 answers the questions correctly or favorable towards player 1 then player 2 gets the points and keeps the cards, this goes back and forth until 20 cards are used and each player tallies the points,  asking the question then they use the compaibility testing located in the game and see how compabtiable they are with one another. 

2nd way to play is you first get two deck of cards, one with nice questions and one with naughty questions, the game is simple, player 1 pick 10 random cards from the Nice deck and 10 random cards from the Naughty deck. Player 1 asks the question and player 2 has to answer correctly to earn points, now if player 2 answer incorrectly then player 1 now has opportunity to tell a funny or serious story helping each player get to know each one better.

A relationship built on selfishness will not last, sooner or later your partner will realize that you no nothing about them nor the things that matter to them and they will feel unappreciated, unloved, unheard and want to leave. 

Everyone deserves love and real love means knowing your partner, friend inside and out and accepting them for all they are, every insecurity, flaw and blemish makes them unique and special so buy Get To Know Me and learn about your "person" today!!!!

Visit and click the link below to purchase the game and merchandise TODAY:)